Steel handle kadai 8


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1. Premium Stainless Steel Construction:

  • Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, ensuring resistance to rust, corrosion, and stains.
  • Guarantees long-lasting durability and maintains a polished appearance.

2. Compact and Functional Size:

  • 8-inch diameter offers a practical cooking space, perfect for daily meals and small servings.
  • Versatile for various dishes, from sautés to sauces and more.

3. Ergonomic Steel Handle:

  • Equipped with a sturdy steel handle featuring a heat-resistant grip for safe and comfortable use.
  • Stay-cool handles allow easy maneuverability during cooking.

4. Even Heat Distribution:

  • Superior heat conductivity ensures uniform cooking and eliminates the risk of hotspots, resulting in consistently delicious dishes.
  • Enjoy hassle-free cooking with precise heat distribution.

5. Compatibility with Various Cooking Methods:

  • Compatible with multiple stovetop cooking methods, including gas, electric, and induction cooktops.
  • Ideal for experimenting with different cooking techniques.


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